End of the Road.

I don’t flatter myself with thinking my recent anxieties separate me from my peers. You see, by the end of 2013 I will have theoretically finished my degree in Australia, and begin looking for full time work. At the moment, possessing only an undergraduate degree in International Studies (with minors in Human Rights and Sociology) I’m not really all that unique or in-demand, the world would have you believe. 

As a result, I’m somewhat anxious about the imminent end of my studies. With them disappears my financial dependence, medical cover and a sense of purpose to my actions. Everything I’ve done over the last five years has lead me to this point. High school is there to get you into Uni. Uni is there to help you join the working world.

… but what if the working world won’t have you? 

So together, my university-attending pals, we have ourselves a predicament. It’s the age-old complaint of all students: “I can’t get a job because I have no experience, and I can’t get experience because no one will hire me!”

Thing is (and I’m really quite proud of this) I have experience. To an extent. 

Two semesters abroad in politically unstable and financially-tentative places has given me the ability to tackle most things. Robbery at gunpoint, students getting shot, seeing bodies of those scarred by poverty, warfare, and disease. While these things did startle and upset me, I am a relatively hardy character, and able to overcome my emotions in such circumstances. Some would say a lack of self-preservative thought or carelessness or callousness, but personally I prefer ‘adaptable’. 

Please don’t misunderstand, I am no better than the rest of my student peers, and far more inexperienced than many, but what I mean to point out is that I am a competent member of society. I can have rough and basic conversations in languages from Europe, Asia and (soon!) Africa, I have had a year’s experience representing my university to establish Fair Trade products across the campuses in Australia, and I quite simply have the desire to be put under pressure. I want to be tested by a new career. Yet I find myself unable to latch onto one. 

My boyfriend seems to think it’s a matter of personality. While I may not look *amazing* on paper compared to other students also graduating at this time, I interview quite well. 

Who would have thought that we put ourselves through 16+ years of education, just to gab our way into our dream jobs? The old adage says “don’t knock it till you try it”, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. 


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