December Time.

For a number of reasons, I am looking forward to the end of the year. They are multiple and varied, and affect literally every aspect of my life. Here commenceth the waffling of joy, avert your eyes if you dislike PDA.

For a start, this is my FINAL semester of university. My FINAL ONE. EVER…. HOPEFULLY. I have no inclination to continue studying at this point, and given my current relationship status, continued study is not high on my priority list. (Judge me as you will, all those parental, career-driven types reading this in horror). So, supposing I pass everything even though I am overloading my workload and up to my eyeballs in study (something you might not have guessed, given the amount of time I spend on social media), I should pass. With a major and two minors. Yay! 

The second reason I am excited, is for the fact I will be seeing my boyfriend. For many of you out there with a delightful significant other, this is no Big Event. You likely see each other every other day, or at least each week. My boyfriend (Matt, for the unknowing) lives in Tanzania. The wonderful kid lives, literally, on the other side of the world. It sucks, in short. His geographic failings aside, I adore this kid. He is (I’m pretty certain) the most amazing fantabulistico guy I have ever been with. So the prospect of him coming to Australia to meet my family for the first time is very exciting (and nerve-wracking). Plus, there are all our communal friends which live in Australia, who are also chuffed to be seeing him so soon. Another plus. 

After his visit here, I will be returning to Africa with him. Tanzania, specifically, although I’d like to make a pit stop in Johannesburg SA along the way. I will be spending the full month of January there, with the intention to find work and (God willing) take up employment which will allow me to stay there!

So you see, its all very busy and excitable at the moment. I find it hard to concentrate. I hope you understand if I forgo posting wonderful pictures or serious discussions, as its very likely that for the next few months I will be filled alternately with glee and excitement, and stress and worry.



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