Terrorists take credit for Kenya mall attack

I saw this on the Sunday Age before I logged in to WordPress. I worry about Matt over in Tanzania everyday, especially when stuff like this happens.

And I know what he would say; “Kenya is a whole different country! Tanzania is different!” but in reality, its right next door. Tanzania is tiiiiiiny compared to Australia; crossing over the border to Kenya, and on to Somalia would be as close as flying to Queensland from Victoria.

Not to discount the fact that the US embassies in Dar Es Salaam and in Kenya were already bombed by another terrorist group in 1998. That’s not really that long ago, when you think of how it was just three years before 9/11.
I just want to be there with him. Then I’ll not worry, even if something does happen. At least we’ll be together.


This Just In

Armed gunmen waged a tense standoff with Kenyan police and soldiers inside an upscale Nairobi shopping mall early Sunday, hours after brazenly gunning down shoppers, diners and more.

Bodies still littered the lobby and ground floor of the Westgate Mall more than 10 hours after the attack began, according to the Kenya National Disaster Operation Centre. And with gunmen dug in and an unknown number of innocent civilians — perhaps dead or being held hostage — still unaccounted for, there are fears the carnage will get even worse.

There were 39 confirmed dead as of around midnight Saturday, according to Kenya’s president, who added his close relatives are among those killed. Two gunmen, including one who was detained after being shot, are also dead.

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