To put it lightly, long distance relationships suck. This is not a new sentiment, nor am I the only one to be currently occupied in one. 

However, what is possibly the worst thing in the entire world is knowing that the person that you love is on the other side of the world. I do not have trust issues, and don’t feel anxious about being apart or anything like that, but I miss him. I miss him so much that I want to go to bed and sleep until I know I can wake up with him here. 

Some days are worse than others. Some mornings I wake up while he is still out partying with friends and we can chat, and then when he sleeps I spend my time working at uni or pottering about, so that when he wakes up I am freely available to talk more. 

I work nights, so when I come home often we can Skype. Staying up till 2am just to discuss the small-scale daily happenings,  and to see that face I adore, is not uncommon. Nor is my getting upset when I see other people sharing coffees and holding hands. I’ve become such a sap, ugh. But somehow, with this man, it feels natural. It feels wonderful to be with him. I don’t have to try, because he’s seen me at my worst, and loved me still.

I miss him. I miss himmmmmmmmmmmm. I love everything about him….. even his snoring, haha. I would take his rumbling sleep-mumbling over the cold, empty silence I’ve had these last months. 


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