History Lessons for a new Government

Hit the nail on the head. I worry about Australia’s future, and our reputation within the international community.

The Australian Independent Media Network

History Lessons for a new Government: a guest post by Ben Brown.

While I have always taken an interest in politics, I have never been motivated to be active. I’m not a member of any political party. I’ve never turned out to protest or campaigned to push a particular belief one way or another. But there has been one thought that has been running round and round in my mind during the first three weeks of the Abbott led, Liberal – National coalition government. It’s taken me a while to pinpoint it, because it traces back to my modern history lessons in my school days over 20 years ago.

It starts with a quote I remember from Edmund Burke. Originating somewhere around 200 years ago it is quite a sexist quote, so I will change the word ‘man’ to ‘people’ to modernise it. But with that one word change…

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