A Wednesday like any other

Today started off as a good day. It was sunny and warm (if somewhat furiously windy), I had a long day of uni ahead to study and complete my essays, and prepare for the end of semester in three weeks. I was rather content with my lot in life.

I watched this video and my day was made even better. I felt in control of my life, positive for its outcomes and hopeful for the future; I decided that I was going to be amazing and collected and considerate of other people and live life to the fullest. I was a happy chipper 21-year-old, on top of the world.

However, trawling through my Facebook Newsfeed, I came across a link to an article by the sexist pig Matt Forney titled “The Case Against Female Self Esteem” and I was immediately disgusted. I have no words to express how angry, how enraged, how indignant and how electric my feelings are.

I can’t function. I read this and thought my skin would burn, I was that infuriated.

I am disappointed that people with this mindset exist, and curious how they have made it through life thus far whilst maintaining such a narrow minded outlook.


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