The wind up

So I have recently begun to put together a list of clothes, books, and general items that I will need in Tanzania. In addition to this, I have begun a rather nerve-wracking job search. 

Matt says I mustn’t be so worried about finding work, as many of the jobs are much easier to negotiate and find once on the ground. So I’m following his lead and instead choosing to focus on the positives, including things which make me happy and even more excited towards this trip. I’m reassessing my employability, looking into clubs and gyms I can join, compiling a list of tasty and healthful recipes I can cook for him and myself. I’m in my element of waffling about. 

(NB: I went to the gym today and ran on the treadmill for a while; got a new PB!)

One thing I am so excited about is the possibility for women’s activism and feminist groups over there. Gender Studies and Sociology are my GROOVE and I love anything and everything to do with feminist literature and activism. I recognise that in many areas there are a few unsavoury characters who go a little too far with the ‘Feminist’ label and appear as discriminatory towards men as history has been towards women… but in Tanzania there is so much positive movement! There really is genuine desire for equality and progress and development, and I CANNOT WAIT to get stuck into it; paid work in the field would be amazing, but if not; I sense some internship applications writing themselves..!


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