Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching.

I am at the stage now where I’m almost 100% decided on studying online to become a health/wellness coach, or to at least get a Certificate in Nutrition.

I think that in the area that I currently live in, its an opportunity that has the potential to do well, and that even if it doesn’t become a career path for me, its certainly something that will benefit myself, my partner, and my future family. I’ve decided to go with the Cadence Health study option, as I think that in the long run its better to study through an organisation that at least has some connection to me. I may not live in Australia any more, but there is a significant likelihood of returning at some stage, or certainly at least it’ll be an easier option to work within, as I already have to account for the Australia-Tanzania time difference when talking to my family.

All I’m waiting for now is a return email from Cadence Health answering some of my questions. If anyone on WordPress is currently studying with them, you might also be able to help me! If you are familiar with Cadence Health’s online study option, please get in touch with me, as I have several questions for you!


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching.

  1. Hi there, i have just signed up for the cadence health coach online course. You are obviously quite a way through it now, how have you found it, and do you have any handy hints to give me??

    Astrid nader-louw

    • Hi Astrid!

      I personally am loving it, I find it technical enough that I feel confident with giving my opinion on health and nutrition matters, but not so academically dense that I’m losing motivation
      Unfortunately my day job has been quite hectic lately, so I’m currently still completing my final two units and the WCA L2 certificate, and then hoping to get the ball rolling ASAP!
      In regards to tips and advice – I would definitely recommend that you try and do an hour of study a day, or at least every other day when your schedule permits. It keeps the information fresh in your mind, and that itself can motivate you to continue learning.
      Also, I would recommend reading a number of other health sources and things whilst you are studying, to ensure that you cover all bases of nutrition. Personally, I am actually a vegan, but this course is clearly more catered towards people who also consume meat/dairy etc. So take the initiative and branch out your information before you form your opinion on any health topic – never take what one person says as the absolute and only truth. There are a wide variety of ways to eat and maintain excellent health, not JUST the way this course portrays. 🙂

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