Trial and Error

In my bid to create more healthful smoothies using my new blender, it’s proving itself a case of trial and error!

I have here one smoothie recipe that I have found particularly tasty and refreshing, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too;

“Attention All Senses” easy blended juice.
1 cucumber cut up (I also skinned mine, but its not necessary if you give yours a good wash)
half a teaspoon of ground ginger
Juice and pulp of half a large lemon
Juice and pulp from one lime
One shot (50-60ml) of Aloe Vera Gel
a few mint leaves
one or two teaspoons of raw sesame seeds
Sweetener to taste
Handfull of ice cubes
quarter to half a cup of water.

Whizz it all together for a slushy that is as refreshing as it is healthy. I didn’t use specific measurements when making my drink, so for many people it’ll be a matter of personal taste. I recommend adding in the ginger and citrus slowly, so that you don’t go overboard and spoil your mixture (your tastebuds will thank you!)


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