Why I love cucumber

I love it. I really do. Snack of choice, refreshing, cool and good for you; there isn’t much to love about cucumbers.

On an additional note, cucumbers may seem like green water balloons without much nutritional content, however this is not the case!
Some quick facts on the benefits of Cucumbers;

1. They are a good source of B vitamins (an excellent pick-me-up)

2. Assist in hydrating the body and replenishing vitamins (the skin is a good source of vitamin A, B and C)

3. Anti-inflammatory properties – if you have puffy eyes, place a few chilled slices of cucumber over your eyes to help them appear more alert and wide-awake.

4. Assisting in weight loss and digestion – due to their high water content, cucumbers are a great way to add to your daily consumption of water, which in turn assists digestion and maintaining good skin. They also make an excellent building block for blended smoothies, as they do not have a strong flavour, and are excellent for combining!

5. May be of benefit to those with cholesterol issues as they contain Sterols, which can help prevent the absorption of cholesterol.

The next time you have a hankering for something cripsy, yet light, fresh and good for you, try cutting up a cucumber, and sprinkling a bit of Tropical Heat Salad Seasoning on top of it (just watch your sodium!)


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