The lazy person’s clean-eating tuna bake (that’s carb-, dairy-, and gluten-free!)

You get home from work, and you’re hungry. You want a snack, but you know that those peanut butter crackers are going to outbalance the heathy-breakfast and balanced-lunch you’ve eaten. You need protein and you need it fast. This has swiftly become my favourite go-to snack (or meal, when its been bulked up with a side salad or veggies).

Try this on for size;


1 small tin of tuna (the 80-95gm kind). I prefer to use flavoured ones, but if you want to be ultra-clean, keep it to tuna in spring water, drained.

1 egg

1 spring onion


Simply dice up the spring onion into small pieces, and mix with the egg and tuna. Fry it in a fry pay with a little coconut oil, flipping and stirring it the same way you would a stir fry/very hurried scrambled eggs.

Three minutes later and you’re done! An easy snack for one, for less than 200c. 


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