Something to chew on

So, just a quick little update on the whole RawTill4/veganism/plant-based-eating is going.

I’ve been watching a lot of Freelee the Banana Girl’s videos on Youtube ( and have been doing some general research through blogs, Pinterest and medical journals to just learn a bit more about the whole movement. After a lot of contemplation and trepidation, I (obviously) have taken the plunge into the deep end, or at least begun the slow toe-by-toe edging into the Vegan Swimming Pool.

The last couple days I have incorporated so much fruit! It’s ridiculous! I used to love it growing up, but over the last couple of years, I feel like my interest in it waned, predominantly due to fear over the sugars/fructose that they are often laden with. I know its natural sugars, but growing up as a carb-fearing diet-a-holic, the concept of eating unlimited calories from fruit is a little daunting! Take today for example; I had three apples for breakfast, and then a lentil-veggie bake for lunch (I know this doesn’t comply with the whole RT4 philosophy, but I figured that cooked vegan food was better than non-vegan food!) Together, that amounts to an estimated 700 calories. I’m supposed to eat at LEAST 2500, according to the Banana Girl. What the heck! I think I’ll burst!

I was so ridiculously stuffed after eating that much cooked vegetables at lunch that I haven’t been able to eat anything since, and so now its 4.30pm, and I have to start thinking of dinner for myself and my partner, even though i really don’t think I have the space in me for the time being. This uncomfortable feeling of fullness, compounded by my trepidation about the calories that Freelee is suggesting, is making me think that for the time being I’ll focus on just eating vegan food as much as possible, and save the huge calorie levels for when I’m more comfortable and ‘detoxed’. Its an interesting process, and I certainly feel more energetic having taken in a large number of calories so early in the day (even if I did stay full for a long time). Hopefully the additional benefits aren’t too far away from appearing!

Has anyone else ever tried this lifestyle? Any comments, observations or experiences that you can share?


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