The Starch Solution

I have downloaded and read 80/10/10 on my kindle, however I have been completely unable to find The Starch Solution online anywhere! My kindle is registered to Australian Amazon, and I really don’t want to change that… Can anyone recommend a place that I can find it online to read? I would order the book in hard copy, however I’ve tried to order from Amazon once here, and I’m still anxiously awaiting delivery.

Oh the joys of living in a developing country – we have no registered addresses really, no public postal system worthy of mentioning. All mail here is done via courier services, and unfortunately Amazon do not send via courier.

Alternatively, if anyone is willing to mail me a PDF version of the book, or provide a link to the breakdown of fundamental points, I would be so grateful!


3 thoughts on “The Starch Solution

  1. I have just ordered the Starch Solution book and am waiting for its arrival!! I ordered the hard copy but could only get one from the US (im in the UK) so hoping it doesnt take too long to arrive cause I really want to get started with it!!!

    • I literally JUST got a call from DHL saying that my shipment from the UK is arriving in the next day or two (I live in Tanzania), however unfortunately when I placed the order I hadn’t included Starch Solution!! Let me know what you think of it, and I’ll look into making another order! Good luck!

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