The power of positive thinking

It’s ridiculous that I am still surprised by this, but the power that positive thinking has is just amazing. The Law of Attraction, the Power of Positivity, whatever you want to call it, that shiz works.

Now of course, it’s no substitute for hard work, but that said, having a positive and bright outlook can make your life, and achieving your goals, a heck of a lot easier. For many people, happiness is a choice. It’s not always having the best life imaginable, its not never having any misfortunes or bad luck, instead it is choosing to appreciate the silver lining of every cloud; choosing to be grateful for every lesson that comes our way, even when the good opportunities they contain aren’t always immediately apparent.

In my health journey, I’ve been watching Youtube almost non-stop, and have been buying out Amazon on all of their nutrition-related works (currently reading ‘Eat to Live’ by Joel Fuhrman and finding it very thought-provoking), taking notes on what each author/individual has experienced and what lessons they have to offer. One of the most common ones that I’ve come across is to be PATIENT with yourself, and to be POSITIVE with yourself, and to LOVE yourself regardless of your current situation.

For me, that has meant writing affirmations and compliments down and reading them to myself when I’m having an off day. It means sticking a note of “hey you look great today!” on my mirror. It’s wearing clothes that fit the body I have now. Exercising because it feels good, not because I feel obligated to. And as corny as I felt initially, it really is paying off – I sleep well, because I don’t hold guilt over myself for any junk food that I ate, I make better choices in my day because I have deemed myself worthy of love, which makes me want to be better than I am, I am a better girlfriend because I give myself value.

None of these things have come from external factors – in actual fact not much about my day to day life has changed. Instead, all the power for change and growth has come from inside me. It is still a learning curve, and still very definitely an ongoing project to practise, but each day I am reaping the rewards of self-love, and self-acceptance.

And for me, the peace of mind that comes with accepting yourself far outweighs the value I had placed on my appearance.

Happiness comes from within. I hope you all can practise a little bit of self-love each day to let yourself experience it.

Do you have any tips on practising self-love, or how you show care and appreciation for yourself? A hot bubble bath, a glass of wine? Leave your answer in the comments below.


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