Expat Wellness

A lot of people think that health and wellbeing are centralised around diet and exercise, however that is a somewhat limited view; although diet and exercise are a key foundational tool to creating a healthy and fulfilling life free from disease and illness, there are much more factors at play.

Stress levels, emotional stability and support, along with mental health are other areas which dramatically affect your overall happiness and vitality, and through that, your bodily, psychological and physical health.

As an expatriate, I have seen many individuals overlook the internal measures of health; instead focusing on the drinking habits, takeouts, and exercise (or lack thereof). Sadly, there is an underwhelming level of understanding on the importance of feeling included, of belonging, and of being emotionally secure.

Living in a new place is scary. Be it in a new job, a new city, a new country; change can be terrifying, or at the very least intimidating to the best of us. However, taking the plunge and taking that step in your career can be a wonderful slip lane into a much more advanced role and lifestyle. What it is important to remember, however, that while you are living abroad (in my case) and working on your career advancement, that you should not forget to invest in yourself. Establishing a grounded and solid support system on the ground in your new location is just as vital as maintaining your relationships with family and friends back home.

Mental health is not something to be taken lightly; as part of a balanced lifestyle and self-love policy, you should endeavour to make just as much time for your mental health as you do for your physical health. Taking the time to meditate, get a massage, or speak with a counsellor or close friend when in need are wonderful tools you can utilise to release stress and check in with yourself. Taking a few minutes each day to invest in this way will ensure that the rest of your time is even better spent – how many times have you found that being in a bad mood or stressed has affected your eating habits? Your attention span at work? Every part of you is interlinked, and each part of you is just as important as any other. So rather than focusing just on your external  appearance and image, try instead to build yourself up from the inside out, through self-love, enrichment, and placing appropriate value on all aspects of who you are; if you approach your health in a wholly rounded way, the results are sure to speak for themselves.

Because at the end of the day, what use is a great career if you don’t have the health or state of mind to enjoy it?


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