To FitBit or not to FitBit?

I have recently decided to refresh my feet (and fitness) and take up some running again, and I’m battling with the question of “Do I track my runs?” vs “Do I say I don’t give a crap how far/fast I run, and instead focus on just enjoying being outside”?

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The best kind of exercise…

Exercise is a bit of a touchy subject for me at times. We have a love-hate relationship; I hate getting up early, and feeling sweaty and/or smelly, but I love that moment when the endorphins kick in and you feel completely badass. You think Red Bull gives you wings? Try back-to-back games of netball. Or cross fit. Or a spin class. Or yoga (I WISH I was more bendy!). The point is; as much as exercise has some sucky aspects to it (ugh, slimy sweat), its bloody good for you and can be very enjoyable and effective, provided you pick your method right.

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Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching.

I am at the stage now where I’m almost 100% decided on studying online to become a health/wellness coach, or to at least get a Certificate in Nutrition.

I think that in the area that I currently live in, its an opportunity that has the potential to do well, and that even if it doesn’t become a career path for me, its certainly something that will benefit myself, my partner, and my future family. I’ve decided to go with the Cadence Health study option, as I think that in the long run its better to study through an organisation that at least has some connection to me. I may not live in Australia any more, but there is a significant likelihood of returning at some stage, or certainly at least it’ll be an easier option to work within, as I already have to account for the Australia-Tanzania time difference when talking to my family.

All I’m waiting for now is a return email from Cadence Health answering some of my questions. If anyone on WordPress is currently studying with them, you might also be able to help me! If you are familiar with Cadence Health’s online study option, please get in touch with me, as I have several questions for you!

Begin Again

Once upon a time, I used to be very fit.

When I say fit, I mean that I could run 10km in under an hour, about 50 minutes or so. While this is not particularly crazy-far, not fast, it was pretty damn good for me as a 17 year old.

I was not particularly healthy, and I was not particularly happy. I enjoyed running though; that gave me joy. It was a release from the gray-ness that I felt in normal life.

I ended up overdosing on it, I guess. I was compelled to run this distance every day, until one summer afternoon in late-2010 I just stopped. I stopped running, and when I did, the rest of my body woke up. I noticed normal things in daily life that I had overlooked in the past. I ate with greater abandon (gasp – carbs!), and I let the colour seep back into my life.

Now, as a 21 year old, I begin again my love affair with running. Few things are as calming or as challenging; you are your own pace keeper, and your own instructor. Its not hard, nor is it easy. I find it a very mental exercise, as I find my mind gives up before my body does. Conversely, I decide how long I will push my body; I don’t say that I will run until I cannot move, nor do I stop at the first sign of fatigue.

It’s a slow process, but I will get there. I will get back up to my 10km/hour, but this time when I do it, I will celebrate with the knowledge that I do it out of love for myself.