To FitBit or not to FitBit?

I have recently decided to refresh my feet (and fitness) and take up some running again, and I’m battling with the question of “Do I track my runs?” vs “Do I say I don’t give a crap how far/fast I run, and instead focus on just enjoying being outside”?

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The best kind of exercise…

Exercise is a bit of a touchy subject for me at times. We have a love-hate relationship; I hate getting up early, and feeling sweaty and/or smelly, but I love that moment when the endorphins kick in and you feel completely badass. You think Red Bull gives you wings? Try back-to-back games of netball. Or cross fit. Or a spin class. Or yoga (I WISH I was more bendy!). The point is; as much as exercise has some sucky aspects to it (ugh, slimy sweat), its bloody good for you and can be very enjoyable and effective, provided you pick your method right.

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8 face-palm moments of being plant-based/transitioning to vegan.

  1. Finding out your favourite sauce/condiment isn’t vegan “What do you mean my spicy tomato pesto contains 7% cheese? ITS PESTO :(“
  2. Realising that your favourite fruits are never in season where you live, or prohibitively expensive (read: grapes and berries UGH MY WALLET)
  3. When you realise you eat so much damn food that you try to grow your own organic veggie patch at home, and fail miserably.
  4. When your SO/family/friends have surprisingly strong, negative reactions to your change of lifestyle.
  5. Having to look like a troll because they don’t sell vegan/non-animal-tested makeup in your country.
  6. Having plain beans and rice for dinner (again) because you’re broke from buying expensive fruit and importing makeup.
  7. When foreign restaurants don’t understand the concept of vegan, and so deliver your vegetarian pasta with cheese on top.
  8. When your dog starts begging for cucumber and veggie scraps, rather than just meat scraps.

    My watermelons didn't even make it to the size of tennis balls before the plant died :(

    My watermelons didn’t even make it to the size of tennis balls before the plant died 😦

What sort of face-palm, awkward, or hilarious moments have you experienced since going vegan/plant based? Leave a comment below!

Ginger Garlic Soy Stirfry

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, by last night I made a huge stir fry for me and my boyfriend. He is on the health food wagon, and so I’m playing with meal plans for the two of us, as well as experimenting a bit more with recipes.

He is a meat eater of note, and so he had a steak to accompany this meal. I had some rice. It was delicious, nutritious and a good way to use up the odd range of vegetables in my fridge. Plus, the added benefit of using no oils at all!

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The Starch Solution

I have downloaded and read 80/10/10 on my kindle, however I have been completely unable to find The Starch Solution online anywhere! My kindle is registered to Australian Amazon, and I really don’t want to change that… Can anyone recommend a place that I can find it online to read? I would order the book in hard copy, however I’ve tried to order from Amazon once here, and I’m still anxiously awaiting delivery.

Oh the joys of living in a developing country – we have no registered addresses really, no public postal system worthy of mentioning. All mail here is done via courier services, and unfortunately Amazon do not send via courier.

Alternatively, if anyone is willing to mail me a PDF version of the book, or provide a link to the breakdown of fundamental points, I would be so grateful!